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Competitive Traveling Basketball (Metro)


For those players desiring a more competitive level of play, a traveling league is offered.  Traveling basketball is for those individuals who exhibit a higher commitment to developing their basketball skills while competing at a higher level.  It requires greater commitment, in that each participant is expected to attend all practices and weekend tournaments.  The goal is for continuous improvement of both the team and individual skill sets.

Traveling basketball is offered in grades 4 through 8.  Traveling basketball brings more focus on competition and skill development.  Metro teams are formed of our best players to compete with the best players from other communities in the area.  Two to four teams will be formed per grade with an A-B-C format with eight to ten players per team.  Teams are formed according to age guidelines set by the MYAS(Minnesota Youth Athletic Services).  The boys and girls varsity basketball coaches conduct tryouts and are responsible for team placement.


Program Goals:

  1. Emphasize a higher level of competitiveness.
  2. Teach individual skills.
  3. Focus on development of team concepts and ideals.
  4. Teach players to be respectful to each other, opponents, officials and the game.
  5. Learn to win or lose with class and good sportsmanship.
  6. Develop players and teams with the ability to compete at the top level.
  7. Develop future varsity basketball players.
  8. Foster an environment that teaches and stresses the importance of the team over individual players.
  9. Facilitate an environment where each team member feels they serve an important role on his/her team.

Playing Time:

CAYBBA Metro traveling program does not guarantee that your child will be given equal playing time.  However, it is the goal of the program that each player participates in a meaningful fashion with regard to all aspects of the program.    Among the criteria that will be considered in determining who will be a head coach will be the willingness to ensure that all players participate meaningfully. 

The head coach will make all the decisions for that given team.  Playing time will be based on ability and other intangibles, such as commitment to the team, attendance and being on time to practices and games.  In keeping with goal #9 above, each player should be given an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to each game.  Encourage your child, work with him/her, and tell them to ask the coach what they can do to improve.

Coach Selection Process:

The primary goals of the coach should be teaching and improving fundamental skills of basketball, encouraging and facilitating team play, and developing an environment of continuous improvement of both the individual and the team.  Head coaches will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Coaching philosophies similar to the goals of CAYBBA Metro.
  2. Parent survey evaluations from previous years(if applicable).
  3. Knowledge of basketball.
  4. Previous coaching experience.
  5. Interview with Metro Coordinator, Asst. Metro Coordinator and Varsity Coach.
  6. This team must be the coach’s top priority and only Metro team.
  7. Willingness to facilitate a team where each player makes a meaningful contribution to the team.

After a head coach is selected, they will select 1-2 assistant coaches to help them with the team.  The coaches will have a meeting with the Metro Coordinator and Varsity coach where the program goals and coaching expectations will be reviewed.   Each head coach will have a parent meeting before the season begins to discuss expectations, philosophy, goals, and answer questions.

Problem Resolution:

If a problem arises, CAYBBA has the following escalation process:

  1. Approach the head coach first with questions or concerns.  This should be done in person away from any team setting.  Do not raise concerns via email.
  2. If a parent feels that the coach is not addressing their concerns, the issue should be brought to the attention of the Metro Coordinator.  This should be done by filling out a “Problem Resolution Form” which can be found in the documents section of our website at 
  3. If a parent still feels that their concerns are not being addressed, they should contact the CAYBBA President.


Tryouts for Metro Teams are held in late-September and early-October.  The varsity staff of the boys and girls high school basketball programs will conduct the tryouts when possible.  Tryouts typically run for 2-3 sessions.  Players are assigned to a team based on the skill level determined by the staff.  All decisions by the varsity staff are final.

Tryouts are mandatory.  Not attending all of the scheduled tryouts could affect your placement.  Failure to attend any of the tryouts may eliminate you from taking part in the Metro Traveling program.  All teams are final once they are posted.

Players who have registered for tryouts and cannot participate due to an injury or illness will be excused upon delivery of a doctor's note describing the player's limitations.  Players excused due to injury or illness must present a signed doctor's release indicating that the player is medically fit before they will be allowed to participate in any CAYBBA activities.  Players who miss the scheduled tryout sessions due to illness or injury will be assigned to a team based on the player's past playing experience.  The varsity staff and the CAYBBA Metro Coordinator will determine this with input from past coaches when possible. 

Team Descriptions:

If numbers permit, there will be one or more teams at each grade level.  There may be an "A" team, followed by 1-2 "B" teams and/or 1-2 "C" team depending on the number and talent level of registered participants.

"A" Team


  • The team will be made up of the top players at each grade level.
  • Players will be selected based on a number of factors including tryout results, playing experience, past year's performance, needs at skill positions and the player's committment and desire to improve.
  • This team will compete at the top "A" level available.

"B" Team(s)

  • The "B" teams will be made up of the top players available after the selection of the "A" team.
  • If numbers permit 2 "B" teams, the teams will be formed as a "B1" and "B2" team.
  • The "B1" team will compete at the "A" and "B" Level during the season.
  • The "B2" team will compete at the "B" and "C" level.

"C" Team

  • The "C" team will be made up of the top players available after the selection of the "B" team(s).
  • The "C1" team will compete at the "B" and "C" level.
  • The "C2" team will compete at the "C" level.

***CAYBBA reserves the right to move players down from "A" to "B" or from "B" to "C" teams if the player is not meeting their obligation to the team.  The decision will be made by the Metro Coordinator and the criteria for the decision will be numerous unexcused absences, numerous missed games, etc.  The player will be given opportunity to correct any issues before a move is made.


Refunds, if necessary, can be obtained by contacting the CAYBBA President at .  The rules for refunds are:


  • Full Refund prior to the first tryout.
  • Full Refund Less $50 Administrative Fee if requested after the first tryout but before teams are posted.
  • No refunds after teams are posted due to uniform and administration costs.  The exception is if a participant is moved up to the high school team.  If the move is made after the season has started, the refund may be prorated.
  • Season Ending Injury: A prorated refund will be given based on the uniform cost and the number of tournaments played.

Gym Space Allocation:

Gym Space is prioritized by the age and level of the team.  Older age groups get the larger facilities and "A" level travel teams get priority for practice time if space becomes an issue.  Space allocations are determined by Chaska Community Education and are subject to change.  The CAYBBA program will try and obtain as much space as possible in the district to fulfill all of our programs.